Welcome to “The Journey”

In the ten months since launching Journera, we have been making great strides in developing the world’s first experience management platform for the travel industry.

Today, we are launching The Journey to keep people updated on our progress, and importantly, the travel industry’s quest to create better experiences for every traveler on every trip. To realize that vision, we need to build a completely new model for exchanging and utilizing travel data.

Since our launch we’ve made progress on a number of fronts — here are a few highlights:

  • We have investments from 6 top global airlines and hotels
  • We have built our initial technology and product teams, led by experienced veterans and filled with expertise from cloud infrastructure to security to data science
  • The Journera Platform’s core application infrastructure, including our unique and state-of-the-art security program, is now in place
  • We’ve gathered over 100 million records of historical data and are using it to train our algorithms and to perfect our systems
  • Our engineers and data scientists have built and tested the first algorithms for the Journera Global Experience Record (GXR)
  • We have built APIs that empower our platform’s users and simplify the process of data transfer

All of this is exciting progress on our big — but achievable — mission to help transform data into better travel experiences. In so doing, new products and services will be born, new revenue opportunities will be realized, and more looks of delight will be seen on the faces of a weary traveling public. Look out for more news this year as we start to bring some of these enhanced experiences to life.

Welcome to The Journey.

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